Boring AI, Exciting IT

MC+A Insight Guest Article. Original Article can be found here. 66 million years ago, an asteroid 10 KM in diameter struck earth near what is now the town of Chicxulub in the Yucatan. In its wake, a mass extinction event killed off 75% of all life on earth. Fast forward to present time, scientists are actively debating whether we are now in the Anthropocene Epoch, where the predominant impact on the planet’s climate and ecosystems are due to human activity. Some even pin the date the epoch began as the year 1950. If the volume …

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Large Language Models Disrupting the Enterprise

MC+A Insight Guest Article. Original Article can be found here. Not since Alexander Graham Bell asked his butler, Mr. Watson, to “come here. I want to see you,” has human communication gone through so radical a change in so short a time as ChatGPT has caused in a few short weeks. It has truly captured the public consciousness.Edison misheard “hullo” as “hello.” While no match to Bell’s exuberant “ahoy!” it is frequently the way we open conversations.Perhaps Prompt Engineering is the new hello.In the few short weeks since Kevin Roose …

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MC+A Selected as Lucidworks Commercial Partner of the Year

2020 wasn’t all bad. Since the beginning, MC+A helped companies improve these interactions using search technologies, and in 2020 it was no different. We are particularly proud of our work in two areas, “Intelligent Policing” and part search for commerce. First, our intelligent policing solution is aiding in police investigations by connecting previously disconnected data systems. Second, our parts catalog search, PartzInsights, brings AI and ML to the surprisingly complex use-case of searching for and buying parts online. MC+A offers these two solutions to the Lucidworks community. “Search” focused from …

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Signals in the Noise – Insight Engines Magic Quadrant 2021

Every quadrant report generates questions related to how vendors plot to the quadrants. Typically, all vendors who spent significant time with Gartner place well. There is considerable pride for the vendors that do well and questions on ranking criteria for those that did not as the quadrant ranking reflects their management and vision. Additionally, customers will often use this report alone to shortlist any search-specific ‘search’ projects. So, there are immediate benefits to a strong placement on the Quadrant. The Quadrant coming out later than usual did not reduce questions, even with our lower expectations for the report due to its short absence.

Intelligent Policing. Leveraging Data to Better Serve Communities

Speakers Description Relevance and Insights that Matter Most Policing organizations face the same data access challenges as other organizations. Large volumes of siloed data make getting a full 360 understanding of existing connections and patterns difficult. Join us for a round table discussion of how the Toronto Police Service is better serving their community through deploying a unified intelligent data platform. Data innovation improves officers’ engagement with existing data and streamlines investigation workflows by enhancing collaboration. This improved visibility into existing police data allows for a more intelligent and responsive …

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Microsoft Search is not worth the wait.

Building Intelligent Experiences – Insight Engines vs Microsoft Search Part 1 – Breaking Down Microsoft Cognitive Services Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in business have become as synonymous as salt and pepper on any primetime cooking program you might watch on the Food Network. Regardless of what solution you are ‘cooking up,’ it will likely benefit from applying it. Gartner collectively referrers to the technology section as Insights Engines, stating, “Insight engines augment search technology with artificial intelligence to deliver insights — in context and using various modalities — derived …

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Announcing Coveo MVP Program

This article is reposted from Coveo’s Blog. Our journey to delivering truly relevant digital experiences has not been short. It reflectsnearly two decades of technological development, driven by market-inspired innovation.The story behind the Coveo Relevance Cloud ™ originates with groundbreakingadvancements in unified indexing and enterprise search and it then moves to includecontextual relevance, cloud and content analytics, behavioral analytics, ML-poweredrelevance, intelligent recommendations, unified interaction journeys, NCU, AI semantics,and intent detection. At each step of this journey, the goal has always been the same – to help our customersattain the capabilities …

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Web Crawling for Elastic App Search

Elastic App Search is an excellent solution… Once you get your content into it. App Search’s New (7.9) Release still has complexity getting content in. A few weeks ago, Elastic announced its latest release to its Enterprise Search product line.  The new 7.9 release features a tighter integration between Kibana and Enterprise search.  This 7.9 release enabled some powerful features for App Search.  For example, App Search can now inherit the index lifecycle management (LM) policies to manage logs and analytics automatically.  LM helps you simplify managing retention policies so that you keep what you are interested in and nothing extra.  Elastic Cloud includes App Search.  Most companies today are using Elasticsearch in some fashion at some level in their organization. …

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