Atlassian Jira Connector

ETL your Atlassian Jira data for better search and data visibility.
Perform ETL operations on your content from within Atlassian Jira.  The MC+A Atlassian Jira Connector provides ETL and synchronization capabilities for JIRA issues, projects, and more within your organization’s Jira instance giving you better access to your data, without the hassle of creating and maintaining your own ETL processes.

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Jira Connector Features

Below is a sample of some of the Office 365 data that our connector and traverse and ETL to your search platform:


ETL information about the issues in your JIRA instance. You have access to all the attributes on the issue object including custom attributes specific to your installation.


Information from individual development and business projects in your JIRA instance are important. Our connector provides ETL for all content and attributes of your JIRA projects.


ETL all user data and attributes from your JIRA instance are important.


Represents attachments to any object including documents (excel, word, powerpoint, and pdf) that are saved within your organization’s Atlassian Jira instance.

Why customers choose MC+A’s Atlassian Jira Connector?

Data Security

Part of our extraction process gathers entitlements and forms them into Access Control Lists (ACLs) for your JIRA data so you have confidence in your data security and control. ACLs provide Early-Binding, Document Level Security to you search system.

Data Visibility

Customers develop a 360 degree view of all of their of all data which gives you enterprise mash ups, faster access to relevant content and improved overall findability.

Data Portability

Take control of your data and infrastructure. If your search systems changes our connector can replicate to your new system.

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